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Today I was in the bookstore and I watched a man and a woman ask one of the clerks where "those vampire books" were. They were led to a ginormous pile of Twilight books and the three of them starting passionately discussing the characters and plot.
And THEN, some random fat geek girls with black shirts with fairies and silver wolves on them came over and jumped into the discussion, asking "Hey, have you read Charlaine Harris? She is excellent, too!"

Damn it.


I want this to be over.

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I must shamefully admit I have read the Twilight series (though I don't claim it's an example of good writing or healthy romantic relationships). However, I HATE Charlaine Harris! I watch True Blood on HBO, so I picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse book figuring I'd like it...UGH. I couldn't even finish it, and that's saying something. Most of the time I finish books that I start, even if they aren't that great, but this was just painfully boring. Usually the book is better, but I'll stick with the TV show on this one. :P

I tried to read the Twilight books and the first Sookie Stackhouse book. I failed to finish them all. Eeek, I'm bad.
When it comes to vampire novels, I'm so so picky, I just can't help it. XD

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