Writer's Block: Simply wonderful

It's often said that the simple things in life are the most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?
Simple things that make me happy: Lolcats. Petting my own cat. Listening to him purr. Tea with honey. Reading a good book in bed. Waking up after a really weird but entertaining dream. Watching the sun rise and set. Discovering a new band that I like. Foggy mornings. Summer thunderstorms. Sniffing scented candles in the supermarket. Banana smoothies. Wandering around in book stores. The Christmas markets in Győr and Budapest and the one before the Rathaus in Vienna. Art history. And a million other things....

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Today I was in the bookstore and I watched a man and a woman ask one of the clerks where "those vampire books" were. They were led to a ginormous pile of Twilight books and the three of them starting passionately discussing the characters and plot.
And THEN, some random fat geek girls with black shirts with fairies and silver wolves on them came over and jumped into the discussion, asking "Hey, have you read Charlaine Harris? She is excellent, too!"

Damn it.


I want this to be over.

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I'm so happy, I just learned that one of my favorite bands, the 69 Eyes, are coming to Budapest in January. I've never seen them live and... gah, I'm so excited I can hardly type. I've jumped around my room, then screamed, then listened to all my 69 Eyes CDs and screamed and jumped some more.
I always get like this when something good happens.

Gotta tell my friends and hopefully get a group of us together in a few weeks.

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I was sick for about a week and I couldn't go anywhere which bored me to death. By the time I stepped outside I felt like Gollum crawling out of his cave for the first time in 50 years. The sun! It burns my eyeesss! You know.

But thankfully one of my few friends in this city spent the day with me. He bought me a Stephen King book which is awesome and then we went to the Christmas market on Vörösmarty tér and I took pictures. Some super creepy shady character in a black long coat and with an unshaven face sidled up to me while I was minding my own business and he was like "Psst, sorry, excuse me..."
I walked away very quickly. WHY do I attract all the creepazoids? Sometimes I wish I was a 6 foot tall manly man with a sinister stare and a "You fuck with me, you die" attitude.

Anyway, my friend and I later watched this hilarious bizarro movie by Bam Margera called Where the Fuck is Santa? It is a perfect holiday movie. There were also appearances by Ville Valo and Jussi69 and Kat Von D which is always awesome. Dear god, we laughed till we cried. Then we listened to strange music like Strapping Young Lad. I don't like them, but their song Satan's Ice Cream Truck is worth listening to. It kind of reminds me of Marilyn Manson's My Monkey.

Well, off to read and then sleep.

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My roommate is a fucking idiot.
She's at least two hours late for everything. It's ridiculous.
She doesn't apologize, just laughs and says "Well, I'm a GIRL, you know. I had to take a shower, do my nails, pluck my eyebrows excruciatingly slowly, read my email, and talk vapidly on MSN for an hour before I even thought about getting my ass out the door. Hehe."

God, I hate people who are always late.
It's my second biggest pet peeve, after people who always renounce plans at the very last minute.

Oh yes. And I'm in a bad mood. If you don't like it... well, too bad.
*stamps off to listen to dreary, funereal metal*

Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

My tastes change all the time and there are only a few CDs that I'm able to listen to all the way through without skipping any songs. Those CDs are: Greatest Love Songs vol. 666 (HIM), White Pony (Deftones), Infinity on High (Fall Out Boy), Clear Hearts Grey Flowers (Jack Off Jill), Watershed (Opeth), Commencement, Phantasmagore (both by Deadsy), The Fame (Lady Gaga). And probably some others I can't think of now.

Despite being a big Korn fan... there are quite a few of their songs I just don't like. o_O Same with NIN.

So... if I had to choose NOW, I'd probably pick Fall Out Boy. Their music always puts me in a good mood.


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On the bus ride to Budapest an old lady sat down next to me and started talking. She didn't stop until I got off the bus, almost two hours later. Ughhh, right?
Normally I hate people who have an obsession with talking to strangers about every little thing that crosses their minds, but this lady was undoubtably one of the coolest old ladies I've ever met. She must have been in her mid- to late 70's; she was going to visit her sister whose husband was in the hospital. She'd brought flowers in a bag.
The lady told me she had worked in a sanatorium for 30 years, starting in 1957. She talked also about having had an affair with one of the doctors in the sanatorium (??... isn't it odd how people seem so comfortable with telling strangers such personal things? I think I keep an LJ for the same reason, whatever that may be...). She talked about treating patients with tuberculosis. And watching babies die.
What a cool old lady.
Then she asked me why I was going to Budapest. I said I was in college, etc. She asked if I had a "lovag" (a knight) waiting for me. I had to laugh at the way she phrased that question, it was so sweet and touching.
No, I said I didn't. My ex-boyfriend recently threw away our relationship of two years for a brainless blonde plastic party chick in pink leopard print pants he met one night in Vertigo.
And the lady was like "What a horrible, stupid man!"
I laughed.
She said I'll find Him soon. I shrugged.

I will miss that old lady.
goth poetry

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Had to clean the bathroom and kitchen this morning because my roommate conveniently disappeared. It went well, except I accidentally flushed the sponge down the toilet (don't ask). I really hope it doesn't cause any clogs down there...

Anyway, I'm spending the weekend with my mom. Downstairs there is a whole pile of late birthday presents for me that my relatives gave to my mom while I was in Budapest. All these gifts SUCK.
I don't want to say bad things about my relatives, but it's a fact that they are extremely cheap, especially my aunts and oldest cousins. My aunt Ili, for example, always gives me unwanted rubbish. Over the years I've received awful old lady underwear, a couple of garish XXL sweaters, a red vinyl bag with the Nestle logo on it (no doubt gotten from a promotional event of some kind), houseplants, and a box full of those mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap that you get for free in hotels. When somebody's birthday or a significant event is coming up that warrants presents my aunt very rarely spends money. She just goes around the house, searching the cupboards and closets for random stuff to give away. I've seen her doing it more than once and she doesn't see anything wrong with it at all. She's old, that's the way she thinks. What can you do.

My cousin Gellért got me a box of chocolates. The box must have been 10 years old because the chocolates were practically mummified and had possibly been through a nuclear explosion. I tasted one... and it was like dust. I could so see Gellért pacing about in his kitchen, thinking "Oh, Melinda-or-whoever's birthday is coming up... I gotta get her something quickly. Hmm... this box of chocolates in the back of the pantry looks good. All I need to do is scrape off ten years' worth of cobwebs, and add a bow. Perfect."

Then -- Aliz gave me flowers and a picture of her 4-year-old son. Erm. Yeah, thanks...

I got another houseplant from Norbi. It is a lovely addition to the jungle downstairs... but seriously, I don't mind plants because it's so cute when Huba prowls around the ferns and hunts his toy mice. Maybe he likes to pretend he's a fluffy jungle cat.

Gabi gave me nothing because she just had a baby and that is all she cares about nowadays.

Tilda and Elli were actually awesome and baked some kick-ass sweets. But my mom ate them before I got home.

The rest of the family either sent cards or nothing.

I am so loved.