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About me: I'm a college student in Budapest, and I love biking, traveling, most kinds of rock and metal, and reading horror and fantasy books. :D

abandoned places, ady endre, alfred kubin, anime, anita blake, art, art history, aubrey beardsley, avoiding television, axel munthe, bad horror movies, baroque, being dazzled, biking, candles, carnival music, casanova, cats, caves, cemeteries, chickpeas, childfree, christmas, classical music, clothes shopping, cold, dark wave, decay, do i dazzle you, downloading stuff, earthworms, edible underwear, electronica, english, europe, exercise, fall out boy, family, faschingskrapfen, fishing, flesh of the living, fog, foreign films, france, french, frost, furniture, goth rock, gothic metal, greece, healthy living, hiking, him, himalayan cats, history, holidays, homeless people, horror books, hot boots, i am legend, ice skating, incense, indochine, it, italy, jrock, kaji meiko, kill bill, kittens, krumplis pogácsa, káposztás tészta, lace panties, languages, laughing at twilight, leather gloves, leslie nielson, literature, lol, lolcats, long hair, make-up, malice mizer, mana, manic street preachers, marc bolan, meggyleves, men, mental disorders, mental institutions, metal, misery, moi dix mois, mountains, museums, móricz zsigmond, neil gaiman, night photography, ninjas, on the road, painting, peace, pervs, photography, pokemon, pop art, poppy z. brite, rafael sabatini, ranting, reading, rice pudding, rock music, roses, sarcasm, scarves, serial killers, sleeping, snuggling my cat, spending money, stephen king, stephenie meyer sucks, swimming, t-rex, tattoos, tea, tennis, terry pratchett, the 69 eyes, the stand, the vatican, toast, tofu, travel, twatlight, twilight, umberto eco, urban exploration, vampires, vanilla, vegan, vegetarian meals, vienna, wankery, weightlifting, winter, writing, youtube, zombies