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On the bus ride to Budapest an old lady sat down next to me and started talking. She didn't stop until I got off the bus, almost two hours later. Ughhh, right?
Normally I hate people who have an obsession with talking to strangers about every little thing that crosses their minds, but this lady was undoubtably one of the coolest old ladies I've ever met. She must have been in her mid- to late 70's; she was going to visit her sister whose husband was in the hospital. She'd brought flowers in a bag.
The lady told me she had worked in a sanatorium for 30 years, starting in 1957. She talked also about having had an affair with one of the doctors in the sanatorium (??... isn't it odd how people seem so comfortable with telling strangers such personal things? I think I keep an LJ for the same reason, whatever that may be...). She talked about treating patients with tuberculosis. And watching babies die.
What a cool old lady.
Then she asked me why I was going to Budapest. I said I was in college, etc. She asked if I had a "lovag" (a knight) waiting for me. I had to laugh at the way she phrased that question, it was so sweet and touching.
No, I said I didn't. My ex-boyfriend recently threw away our relationship of two years for a brainless blonde plastic party chick in pink leopard print pants he met one night in Vertigo.
And the lady was like "What a horrible, stupid man!"
I laughed.
She said I'll find Him soon. I shrugged.

I will miss that old lady.

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That was pretty cool :)

I agree with ya about random people who want to talk...

Not cool about your BF, but cool about the lady :D

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