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Had to clean the bathroom and kitchen this morning because my roommate conveniently disappeared. It went well, except I accidentally flushed the sponge down the toilet (don't ask). I really hope it doesn't cause any clogs down there...

Anyway, I'm spending the weekend with my mom. Downstairs there is a whole pile of late birthday presents for me that my relatives gave to my mom while I was in Budapest. All these gifts SUCK.
I don't want to say bad things about my relatives, but it's a fact that they are extremely cheap, especially my aunts and oldest cousins. My aunt Ili, for example, always gives me unwanted rubbish. Over the years I've received awful old lady underwear, a couple of garish XXL sweaters, a red vinyl bag with the Nestle logo on it (no doubt gotten from a promotional event of some kind), houseplants, and a box full of those mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap that you get for free in hotels. When somebody's birthday or a significant event is coming up that warrants presents my aunt very rarely spends money. She just goes around the house, searching the cupboards and closets for random stuff to give away. I've seen her doing it more than once and she doesn't see anything wrong with it at all. She's old, that's the way she thinks. What can you do.

My cousin Gellért got me a box of chocolates. The box must have been 10 years old because the chocolates were practically mummified and had possibly been through a nuclear explosion. I tasted one... and it was like dust. I could so see Gellért pacing about in his kitchen, thinking "Oh, Melinda-or-whoever's birthday is coming up... I gotta get her something quickly. Hmm... this box of chocolates in the back of the pantry looks good. All I need to do is scrape off ten years' worth of cobwebs, and add a bow. Perfect."

Then -- Aliz gave me flowers and a picture of her 4-year-old son. Erm. Yeah, thanks...

I got another houseplant from Norbi. It is a lovely addition to the jungle downstairs... but seriously, I don't mind plants because it's so cute when Huba prowls around the ferns and hunts his toy mice. Maybe he likes to pretend he's a fluffy jungle cat.

Gabi gave me nothing because she just had a baby and that is all she cares about nowadays.

Tilda and Elli were actually awesome and baked some kick-ass sweets. But my mom ate them before I got home.

The rest of the family either sent cards or nothing.

I am so loved.

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Uh-oh...flushed sponge o_0

I'd guess it would depend on the size of the sponge...and how far up you are from the sewer lines.

Senz ya da lurv ;p

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